Personalized Zodiac And Stars Position With Charming Skyline

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Your best friend's birthday is approaching, but you are still finding a gift to surprise him or her. Here's the best gift with which you can surprise your friend. A personalized...

Size: Basic (9.5x13.5 Inch)

Basic (9.5x13.5 Inch)
Essential (13.5x19.5 Inch)
Supreme (16x24 Inches)
Luxe (20x30 Inches)

Frame Color: Black

Dark Brown
Gallery Wrap Canvas
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Your best friend's birthday is approaching, but you are still finding a gift to surprise him or her. Here's the best gift with which you can surprise your friend. A personalized zodiac and star position framed painting in the night sky backdrop that shows their birth sign drawn as a constellation of stars followed by a custom name, date, and message.

We, at Ritwika's understand the need of paintings for all sort of walls and constantly adding different theme of paintings designed by our artist to our store so that you have choice of paintings for each wall as needed.

How Does It Work?

  • Step 1 : Select the name you wanted to print on your star map
  • Step 2 : Enter the Custom message you would like (Ex: STAR WAS BORN, ONCE UPON A TIME etc).
  • Step 3 : Enter the city or area of the occasion you would like the map to be designed for (Eg. Delhi OR Amer, Jaipur - RAJ)
  • Step 4 : Enter the date & time of the occasion for designing the accurate star map
  • Step 5 : We will design the Starmap and will send a preview of the Starmap via Whatsapp within next business day of placing the order for confirmation and customization. For any Help, connect with our Support on Whatsapp +91 88241 82940
  • What is StarMap?

    Star map is a map of the unique alignment of stars and constellations of a particular place and time on earth.

  • 300 GSM Exhibition Quality Digital Paper Prints Used For Fine Art Printing

    Once we receive the confirmation about the customization, we then print the image on high quality glossy paper especially made for digital printing.

  • Stylish Synthetic Wooden Frame And Clear Acrylic Glass

    After printing, we mount the print on a robust MDF board with clear acrylic glass which is durable and non-breakable to protect the artwork from dust and moisture. Then, the synthetic wooden frame is added for final assembly making your picture frame perfect for an elegant look.

  • Matte Finished Canvas Print With Wooden Support

    The artwork printed on canvas is stretched and wrapped around the edges of the wooden frame, creating a seamless and frameless appearance. Gallery wrap is a method of stretching the canvas so that the canvas wraps around the sides of the wooden bar and is secured to the back of the MDF wooden frame.

  • Packing And Delivery

    After assembling the artwork, we pack the framed/canvas product carefully with bubble wrapped sheet and high quality cover so that painting remain intact during the course of delivery

  • Ready To Place On Hang/Gift

    You can hang this beautiful piece of personalized art at your home for cozy look on wall, living room, dining room wall, kitchen, work desk, kids room. Apart from home decor, this painting will provide good vibes to your office as well. This is perfect for gifting as well. Be it any occasion from birthdays to anniversaries, house warming to new office, festivals to retirements. This is just perfect gift for any special event you think of

Additional Information

Basic (9.5x13.5 Inch), Essential (13.5x19.5 Inch), Supreme (16x24 Inches), Luxe (20x30 Inches)

Frame Color

Black, White, Dark Brown, Gallery Wrap Canvas


A Star Map is a personalized artwork capturing the exact arrangement of stars on a special date and location. It’s a beautiful and astronomically accurate snapshot of a cherished moment in time. We print it on a luxurious frame for a complete gifting experience.

We use data from NASA’s vast library of celestial objects (stars, comets, asteroids) to create your map. This data comes from space missions, observations, and measurements. Your provided date, time, and location are fed into our software to precisely chart the night sky. We then enhance the map with graphics and constellations for a stunning piece of art.

Absolutely! Calculating star positions is an exact science, verifiable by anyone. Use any free sky data app (we recommend Stellarium) to confirm our map’s accuracy.

  1. Choose your Star Map design and format
  2. Enter the special date, time, and location for your map generation.
  3. Personalize your map with a title, caption, photos (depending on the theme).
  4. Add your Star Map to your cart and checkout. We’ll deliver it within 6-8 business days.

Customer Reviews

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Ishwar Singh

Personalized Zodiac And Stars Position With Charming Skyline

Kiran Gowda
Beautiful piece

Product quality and packaging were very good. as expected 👌🏻👌🏻🤗

Jairaj Soni
Delivered on time

They dispatched my frame within 2 hrs. I didn't expected that. Kudos to your design team