About us


Ritwika’s (Owned by Ritwika Art and Craft) a family owned handicraft group of decor and gifting products based in Jaipur, Rajasthan and are promoting the rich art & culture of our region to the world. We train women and hone their artistic skills to make one of the finest handicraft items with a taste of colorful Rajasthani traditions and culture.

At Ritwika’s we believe in providing only the best. We offer a wide range of home decoratives, paintings, custom photo frames and ornamental gift articles. Our state-of-art paper mache based products, a wide range of vibrant colour products will give your house a new esthetic value. To compliment the elegant artwork of our handicraft items, we also have a collection of luminous artificial jewellery that will allure not only you but also your loved ones. We offer a wide range of corporate and personal gift articles that are designed by integrating style with traditions and are made by only using top quality materials. Every product from our catalogue showcases an original elegant design and is manufactured diligently to make it flawless. These original and elegant designs with a superior quality material at reasonable and competitive prices will surely bring you a sense of self-satisfaction.


Our Mission is to empower underprivileged women by providing them skilled employment opportunities. We want to globally showcase the talent and skills of the women in our community while adding value towards a better livelihood for them.


To become a global destination for affordable and supreme quality handcrafted items. We strive to spread the rich and authentic Rajasthani artwork to all the corners of the world.


Like most of the interesting stories in the world, our story also started with an unintentional thought which slowly took shape into what we are today. It all started with a mere hobby and slight inclination towards art and craft. The founder learned the art as a hobby but the interest kept on growing with every passing day. She started exploring the vast scope of traditional handcrafting art. She strongly believed that imparting knowledge to others is the best use of any knowledge and with this thought, she started training young school girls from socially backward communities. Soon the number grew exponentially and spread to women of all ages. A training centre was started in to train more and more females the art of authentic handcrafting. The real question now was how to get the maximum benefit for these artisans and how this skill could help them raise their standard of living. Ritwika's was her brainchild to suffice this wish. Through our company, we showcase the art and craftsmanship of these women to the entire world. This allows millions of customers around the globe to get best handcrafted superior quality products and in turn empowers these women artisans to earn their living with pride.