“Home isn’t a place; it’s a feeling.” Winter Skelton
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Every home has its beauty and charm. The beauty of Indian homes is that they can tell so much about the individual's personality, likes, dislikes, memories, culture, and traditions. Indian ethnic home decor is all about vibrant colors, textures, metal art, floral details, prints, and embroidery brought from 28 different states. So if you have been thinking about how to give an ethnic look to your modern home decor, we have got you covered!! Here are some unique ethnic home decor ideas you can bring home today! 


Pillow covers can be a simple but substantial upgrade that gives the living room a new appearance and some character. They are a great way of adding comfort while effortlessly maintaining living room’s decor.. To add the ethnic and classy touch, you can useIkat,hand embroidery,Kantha work, andAjrakh block print cushion covers on your couch, bed, or swings. 

A pro tip - Do not match your cushion design and colors with your sofa. Cushions on the sofa can add a pop to the ambience of the living room; therefore, use contrasting colors and textures. iTokri has got a wide range of cushion covers for every corner of your home.


Collectingshowpiecesis a fascinating hobby for many. They can be souvenirs, a gift from your loved ones, or even astatue you spotted at an antique store. Wood carvings and sculptures can add a vintage, simplistic, and sophisticated element to any room. 

Vases come in various forms and sizes, and there are several ways to decorate them and enrich the home's decor. Choose classic abstract vases and fill them with seasonal flowers, or use these one-of-a-kind vases in metallic or white tones to catch and reflect light and create a stunning focal point in the space. 


Keeping some greens indoors has been an old tradition in Indian households. For example, keeping Tulsi in the aangan eliminates all impurities and brings harmony and positivity to life. Houseplants can liven up and refresh any space. Along with the right plant, choose the right planter as well. While plants add freshness to the room, the pot gives it more life and character. Therefore, choose pots with similar finishes and colors. Alternatively, for an ethnic look, mix all of your favorite pots in various materials and colors. There areexquisite planters with beautiful intricate details and designs available on iTokri. 


Use curtains to cover your door and windows in a classy and elegant manner. The correct curtain can change the whole look of a room.Printed curtains will go well with a room that has solid color furniture and plain color curtains will look good around colorful walls. With the large selection of color options, fabrics, and designs offered at iTokri, you may pick curtains that match your style and home decor. 


A blank wall in your home is a perfect canvas for displaying your creativity. Add some wall hangings to these blank walls to bring attention, aesthetics, and freshness to the room. Unique traditional wall hangings can bring out the alluring sense of textures in the room.Folk and tribal art paintingscan define your style and set a cultural theme for your home. The best part aboutwall paintings,wall clocksbells and chimes is that they can be rearranged in any corner of the house and they will still have the same artistic appeal. 


Lighting can improve the elegance and warmth of a home. Lighting can make or break a home's décor and ambiance.Adding handcrafted tealights, lamps, and diyas to dark nooks and above tables may have a big influence on the home's efficiency and comfort. Handcrafted lamps bring a modern flavor to vintage vibes. Don't wait for special occasions like Diwali to light your lamps! You can hang differentlampshades all year to brighten the house and create a joyful ambiance. 


Indian home decor trends, like our diverse culture, result from a mix of several decor concepts. Every state in our large country has its traditional decor. Regional influences enrich houses while keeping them true to their origin. Our ancient temple interiors inspire many elements in Indian home decor. Here are a few state-inspired home decor ideas that you can incorporate today:


The artisans of Banaras make special hand-painted wooden Gods and Goddesses. Apart from the idols in the pooja room, one of the finest ways to add a traditional flavor to a modern home is to adorn it withsculptures of gods or goddesses


The Gond painting of Madhya Pradesh is a special art form done by the Gond tribe. Its specialty is the naturally obtained bright colors and intricate detail which make the painting come to life. The theme of these paintings is often inspired by mythological creatures, flora, and fauna. Blue, yellow, and black colour paintings are featured in both contemporary and classic art; therefore, they makeup for the most appealing home decor items.


Mysore painting is a kind of traditional South Indian painting that is distinguished by its grace, subdued colors, and meticulous attention to detail. The majority of these paintings depict Hindu gods and goddesses. Mysore's paintings stand out due to their brush strokes and figure characteristics. Beautiful Mysore gold leaf paintings can be framed for your living room wall. A few of them around different walls of the house would offer an elegant finish to your modern house.


Pattachitra paintingsare created on a unique canvas composed of cotton sarees covered with tamarind paste and then coated with clay powder. All colors are derived from natural sources such as lamp ashes and powdered conch shells. These are valuable antiques for the discriminating decorator and art collector. This outstanding hand-painted artwork can be placed in any corner for an ethnic touch.  


Wall hangings created in Odisha provide a unique sense of appeal to the home. They are frequently used as a multi-purpose pouch that may contain a variety of items. The colors make it look more appealing. Traditional designs such as animals, birds, and flowers are beautifully stitched on cloth by the artists. Modern appliqué art is influenced mainly by religious themes and is strongly associated with religious traditions.