A Star Map is a personalized artwork capturing the exact arrangement of stars on a special date and location. It’s a beautiful and astronomically accurate snapshot of a cherished moment in time. We print it on a luxurious frame for a complete gifting experience.

We use data from NASA’s vast library of celestial objects (stars, comets, asteroids) to create your map. This data comes from space missions, observations, and measurements. Your provided date, time, and location are fed into our software to precisely chart the night sky. We then enhance the map with graphics and constellations for a stunning piece of art.

Absolutely! Calculating star positions is an exact science, verifiable by anyone. Use any free sky data app (we recommend Stellarium) to confirm our map’s accuracy.

  1. Choose your Star Map design and format
  2. Enter the special date, time, and location for your map generation.
  3. Personalize your map with a title, caption, photos (depending on the theme).
  4. Add your Star Map to your cart and checkout. We’ll deliver it within 6-8 business days.